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New Video – Elon Musk Baby Name Generator in LiveCode

Elon Musk Baby Name Generator in LiveCode
Watch this video on YouTube.

A fun project to create a Elon Musk type baby name generator in LiveCode. This is a complete build tutorial starting from a blank stack to a completed name generator. Get LiveCode Community / Open Souce: The OlderCoder website: Twitter: @theoldercoderb1 for all things LiveCode.

The source code for this can be found here:…

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AirCraft Data from:…

Latin Extended A character set:…

First YouTube Live Stream Video

Coding a simple countdown timer in LiveCode for OBS
Watch this video on YouTube.

So I’ve taken the plunge and started creating coding videos both Live streamed and recorded focused on the LiveCode programming language.

This is number 1 and demonstrates how to code a full GUI application for generating a text countdown that can be used for OBS (open broadcast software) and deployed as a Windows, Mac and Linux application.